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Erik Orgu's tailor-made natural nutrition program

Eriku portree

Meet Erik

Your guide to a healthier you: Erik is the nutritionist whose philosophies form the backbone of Dietless. His delicious and easy to cook recipes make healthy eating effortless.

Now, on to your journey

Firstly, we’ll ask about your age, gender, body, dietary preferences and activity level.

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A meal plan to change your life

Who doesn't wish for a better life: one with more energy, a clear mind, a slimmer body. Achieve all that with Estonia's foremost nutrition program.

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Delicious, quick and varied.
Beats any restaurant

Berit's story: -10kg in 3 months

The program taught me what and how much to eat. I'm much more knowledgeable now about the nutrients I should be getting from every meal and about nutrition in general.

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Berit's success story
Erik Orgu

Let's get acquainted!

My name is Erik Orgu. My skills as a nutritionist, personal coach and dietary advisor are at your service! Join me if you want to boost your energy levels and get your weight under control.

Message me!

Becoming your best self is easier in good company

Sometimes we all need advice or encouragement. This is why our specialists, and secret Facbook group with hundreds of eager members, are always on hand. Let's go the distance together!

Live customer support

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If you have a question regarding nutrition, a technical issue, or maybe you just want to say hi – our customer support team is only a clicktap away.


Pick the membership that is right for you

The plan is free to try for the first five days. We also offer a 14-day money back guarantee in case you're not fully satisfied.

Reach your ideal weight for free!

As a special to celebrate our relaunch, we will give you your money back in full when you achieve your goals. 93'000 people have already used to transform their lives for the better – check out the campaign terms and join now!

The Challenge

  • One step at a time...
  • Cancel at any time
€14.49 monthly

The New You

  • Commit to a better you
  • 6 months fixed term
  • The most popular option
€10.99 × 6 months

The Life Changer

  • Forever lasting change
  • 12 months fixed term
  • The "all-in" option
  • Best value for money
€8.99 × 12 months